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The Wife and I are movie weirdos. Long after the rest of the theatre is empty, after everyone else who was in the theatre is already in the parking lot trying to get into their cars and beat the traffic home, we’re still sitting there watching the rest of the film. The credits, that is. We’ve gotten into arguments with overly enthusiastic maintenance people many times over the years (‘scuse me, the film is STILL RUNNING!) but occasionally it pays off with a closing sequence or a recognized name. (The monkey at the end of Pirates, and the cat at the end of Slither, just to name a few) The latest time this happened was when we were watching the credits for MI-III. Apparently The Hanso Foundation invests in certain films as well as mucking with the space-time continuum (or whatever it is they are doing on LOST) Right there at the end of the credits, a thank you to the Hanso Foundation.

They’ve been running ads on LOST during the commercial breaks as well, kind of like the ads for Oceanic Airlines (I found three sites for Oceanic today, there was just this one. Now there is an 815 site and this one) in the first season episodes. Try calling Hanso’s number, or visiting the website(s). Excellent time wasters.

I still don’t have any clue what will happen next week, just like every other week watching this series. They’ve already gone places I hadn’t expected (We watched the second season tailies for what reason now? They are all dead after all. Sorry, spoilers.) I hate to imagine what the teaser promise of “changes everything” and what happens when the counter stops means. I can imagine, but I’ll wait for the episode. And then wait for the fall sweeps for the other shoe to drop, just like always.

If this was survivor (which I’ll freely confess to never have watched) I know one LOSTaway that I’d like to see voted off the island right now…

I’ll just echo the Dharma orientation films and say, “namaste and good luck”


LOST was one of the most effective television shows when it came to pursuing a multimedia approach to marketing. This post is a hallmark of this effort on their part. It also shows the downside of this approach as all of the formerly entertaining links created to entice people into watching the show either go to very bad websites or end up down blind 404 alleys. I’ve redirected all of the links to the Wayback Machine, and even those links will be pretty dull without access to flash and a browser that supports it.

A marketing campaign is temporary. The internet is forever. Perhaps someone should explain this fact of life to J.J. Abrams.

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