LOST Hieroglyphs

Quick, I need a translator!

Crazy episode tonight. Sayid is getting a bit intense.

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7 thoughts on “LOST Hieroglyphs”

  1. The “S” and the “A” were easy to catch when watching the episode. On a very quick zip through a list of hieroglyphs, it looks to me like:

    sign Z4B (or Y or J)
    sign J21C
    sign Z6

    But, I don’t know the phonetic value (or word meaning) of the other three signs, and I’m working up the courage to ask the very serious-minded folks on the Ancient Egyptian language mailing list.

    Maybe someone else will come up with a quicker (and more accurate) explanation! 🙂


  2. I’ve heard:

    “to cause to die”

    (don’t think that’s a good one. Doesn’t work out)


    “causes die”

    (which strikes me as a LOST-esque type statement)

    Would love to hear a definitive argument on it.

  3. Most of the fans are pointed to this as definitive. I don’t know that it is. The black/red background question (two ‘phrases’ or ‘words’?) should be addressed.

    If you want additional food for thought, you might look here.

  4. This is what has come up so far on an Ancient Egyptian Language mailing list I belong to, fwiw:

    The first three symbols taken phonetically spell out swDA, meaning “death” or “die”

    The final symbol also means “death” or “die”–in this method of writing, a picture added to confirm that the first four symbols should be read phonetically, not as individual words

    That leaves out the fourth symbol, or allows for a misspelling of swDA, or (the most likely explanation, now that I’ve checked the link in your second post and seen that this phrasing is straight out of a dictionary) the entire thing together means: “kills LOSTaways dead.”

    In any case, I suppose we should all be glad Locke remembered the numbers in time. More or less in time.

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