FFrF Radio: First Week of July

I don’t know what happened, but what went over the air this Saturday was a repeat of Stolen Innocence from two weeks ago. It was worth a second listen (I generally listen to them three times by the time I get a review written) and Elissa Wall’s story is one that everyone who is following the story of the FLDS in Texas should hear.

The California Gay Marriage humor brings the messed up state of marriage in Texas to the forebrain again. Not content in just discriminating against gays when it comes to giving out tax bennies (let’s call a spade a spade here. This is why gays want to get married. It should be available to anyone in a long term relationship) now, one of our state reps wants to make divorce more difficult to obtain. This is what you get when you let the state get involved in these sorts of personal decisions.

Warren Chisum. Someone else that should be looking for paying work instead of wasting my tax dollars.

The website published the announced episode, however, so I’ll link to it and discuss it.

Podcast Link.
July 5, 2008Guest: Nica Lalli

The episode begins with a long discussion of Obama’s newfound support for Bush’s failed faith-based initiative program. Considering his flip-flop on the FISA spying bill, and his shifting foreign policy, I’m beginning to wonder if his campaign for change is going to include any.

There was a brief discussion of the annual independence day weekend bash in Lake Hypatia, Alabama, and the atheists in foxholes monument that is located there.

Nica Lalli was the featured guest. Her interview is primarily geared towards raising children outside of faith, but finished up with her experiences as a believer in nothing.

2007 Archive episode.
July 7, 2007Special Guest: Darrell Lambert, expelled atheist Eagle Scout

It bears mentioning that news articles concerning FFrF can be found at FFrF Media coverage.

Darrell Lambert highlights one of the most disturbing things to have occurred in recent years, at least as relates to my own childhood. I was a Cub Scout, Webelo and Boy Scout. I used to love to camp, when I could tolerate pollen, and Boy Scout camp outs were some of the best memories.

To have the current leadership of the Boy Scouts be so blind as to exclude atheists and gays from their ranks is almost too painful to contemplate. Some of the more disturbing memories involve attempts at religious conversion by the zealots in the troops I was a part of. I’d rather have a camp fire and a good ghost story any day.

The episode ended with a discussion concerning the lack of god in the founding US documents. It’s something I’ve noted before.

2006 Archive episode.
July 8, 2006Fighting Creationism: Rep. Berceau

Rep. Berceau on her Integrity of Science Education Act; Eugenie Scott from NCSE discusses evolution defense within the public schools. I found it rather entertaining that the second guest disagreed with the stance of the first guest, when it came to legislating what is science. I’d say that Eugenie Scott understands the nature of bureaucracy better than Dan and Laurie do.

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