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Eieloris in flight to Brewfest. This trek involved hoofing it through the Wetlands to get to Ironforge.
Tharthurm taking tourist pictures with the Orgrimmar guard.
Creavishop is seeing Pink Elekks. They look like elephants for some reason.
I think I’ve found my new favorite thing in the universe.
Peaceful drunken sleep.

Distracted Driving

Another rant inspired by Jeff Ward and Our Little Show. I can’t find any information on this subject other than the news story on KLBJ AM’s website, but I’m betting that this issue is being discussed, along with the issue of red light cameras

[go here to voice your opposition to that issue. Red light cameras actually cause accidents because of their effect on traffic, and because the governments that install them also shorten yellow light times so as to make more money from the cameras. It’s all about cash flow]

both of which are favored by a number of Austin City council members (Congresscritters in training is what they really are) neither of which are good ideas. Don’t take my word for it, check out what AAA has to say about the dangers of driving distracted. Sure, I’ve nearly been run over by people on cell phones (more than once) I’ve also been nearly run over by people arguing with children, spilling coffee, doing their makeup, shaving, you name it.

When I have been run over (I think the total is about 6 wrecks now, none of which my insurance had to pay for) it’s always been by someone who was distracted by a passenger in the car. Maybe we should limit vehicle capacity to one person. That should cut down on the number of accidents.

But the thing that really chaps my hide is this driving need on the part of politicians to pass a new law that essentially duplicates parts of laws already on the books. If a policeman feels you are unreasonably distracted by your use of a cell phone, he can already pull you over and issue a ticket for reckless driving. So the new law does…?

Nothing but put more money into government coffers.

City Council contact info.

5 foods that should have a place in your diet

What was I thinking? I just gave up coffee again and now this…

Now that scientists are looking beneath the surface at mushrooms, avocados, and peanuts–as well as once-maligned eggs and coffee–redeeming qualities for each of these five foods are coming to light. They have nutritional respect and deserve a place at your table.

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Coffee improves memory! Maybe I’ll finally remember all those things I’ve forgotten

Jail Time for Taking Food From Trash

Ran across this story while surfing a local news radio site. Two guys who hopped a fence and dug through a grocery stores’ refuse bins have been charged with trespass and theft.

The DA wanted to charge them with felonies, but they plea bargained the charge down to a misdemeanor, even though they had to do 6 months of time behind bars (instead of the few days the DA offered for accepting the felony charge) for the lessor charge. I guess they knew that a felony conviction marks you as a criminal for life these days; and is frequently used to deny work, licenses, and any number of other things that government busybodies can think of to take away from those horrible criminals that clog the system.

I worked my way through high school and technical school at various grocery stores. Every night I worked it was my job to take the out of date food to the bins. When the food wasn’t damaged, but was just out of date, I frequently would set it aside for someone to pick up; that someone generally being me. As the eldest in a single parent family of five, I felt it was my job to help provide for the family. We never went hungry, in part because of the supplemental food that I diverted from being wasted in the city landfill.

My manager, on the other hand, took a pretty dim view of my theft of store goods. Never mind that they were going to throw it away, it was the principle of the thing. They said it was garbage, and it was going to be thrown away, not eaten by somebody who hadn’t paid for it. The few times he caught me setting food aside for later, he stayed behind to make sure I destroyed it before throwing it in the dumpster. If I refused, he would do it himself.

[this was the same idiot who locked me out of the store during a tornado because I was out in the parking lot when he decided to take shelter in the walk-in. He told me “I didn’t want anyone to be able to steal something while we were hiding. Stealing food in the middle of a tornado. Riiiiiight.]Are these guys criminals? Not to me. To me, they’re just a couple of hungry people who should have known better than to jump a fence. Now, to my manager on the other hand…

…I’m sure he would want those felons to pay for what they’ve done. I never knew that he had a sex change and became a DA in another state. There can’t be two people that stupid on the planet.

Corporate correspondence

In the continuing saga of “The Quest for Sobe Black Tea“:

A Message from Consumer Relations 011015940A
Hello Anthony,
Thank you for taking the time to email us here at SoBe Beverages. It’s always a pleasure to hear from lizard lovers like yourself.
Unfortunately, the product that you are asking about is no longer carried by the local distributor in your area. However, keep your eyes open for new beverages from SoBe in your area. In the meantime, your comments will be shared with our sales team and senior marketing staff. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Again, thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest in our company.
Lauren Napolitano
Consumer Relations Representative


Couldn’t care less about any other flavor of beverage that you produce. I have been on quest for Sobe Black Tea since I first discovered Sobe on a road trip to West Texas nearly 10 years ago. Following that discovery, I went to more than 50 quickshops in the Austin area, personally, in order to get Black Tea from the local distributor. Instead I get all the other flavors BUT Black Tea.

I can’t even buy it online. I can’t even buy it directly from you. I am beyond pissed at this point, I’m just about livid. I would really like some answers as to why I can get 19 other flavors of Sobe in Austin, but I can’t get Black Tea? Does someone need to be replaced at the local distributor? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

I would really like a response that answers questions rather than a blow off note that suggests I find something else to like. As someone who will special order Cokes, Dr. Peppers and 7-ups with real sugar in them, just to get the ‘real thing’, I think it’s a more likely possibility that Satan will ice skate to work tomorrow.

Also, I noticed that the domain name changed from to If you notice my list of favorites, you might come to realize that there isn’t much love lost between me and Pepsi.

Your turn at bat, swing and a miss?

Dr. Pepper addiction

The wife has a Dr. Pepper addiction, and she’s going through withdrawals. It’s a terrible thing to witness. She used to drink the same old ordinary Dr. Pepper that everyone else drinks, but recently we took a trip to visit relatives and stopped off in Dublin (Texas, not Ireland. But they try hard to put on the green there) home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant in the world. Ever since then, the regular (corn syrup, not cane sugar) DP just ain’t good enough. She’s driving me crazy, and she’s drinking my cane sugar Coca-Cola.

So, I have a plan. Sam’s Club will stock the Dublin DP (like they stock the Sugar Coke, imported from Mexico) if they get enough requests for it. So, if everyone who reads this clicks the ‘requests’ link and makes one, surely that would be enough, right…?

Rev. 06/13/22

Common Sense Alternatives

It’s my curse to see them, and then spend my time arguing with complete buffoons about them.

Like the smoking argument, the solution the the drinking and driving problem isn’t less alcohol consumption, or more expensive drinks. Just as the solution to problems with second hand smoke isn’t keeping people from smoking. The solution is architectural, or in this case, a zoning issue. If it was possible to set up neighborhood pubs or sidewalk cafes as they do in other cities around the world, it wouldn’t be necessary to drive down to the pub to get a pint, or to the cafe to get a taste. You could walk there.

De-stressing the forbidden nature of alcohol would go along way in stopping teenage drinking as well, but I don’t expect anyone will listen to this argument any more than they have listened to the other arguments I’ve offered.