Meniere’s COVID First Timers

There has been research that points to SARS-Cov2 being found in the inner ear and Meniere’s symptoms being caused by the infection. I ran across a few articles on the NIH website discussing this potential problem:

A higher incidence of MD first diagnosis was calculated during COVID-19 pandemic; furthermore, MD patients presented with more vertigo attacks and higher DHI values. These could be associated with the higher state anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic.

The researchers identified ten patients with COVID-19 who developed hearing loss after infection. The hearing loss ranged from mild to profound. Nine of the patients also experienced tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears. Six patients experienced vertigo, a sudden spinning sensation. The timing of symptom onset suggested a correlation between COVID-19 infection and hearing loss.


It’s been well established that COVID has effects on organs throughout the body. It would be surprising if it didn’t also affect eyes and ears:

The virus may also able to get into the body through the eyes, studies suggest—either from eye rubbing and the direct transfer of tears or from respiratory droplets that happen to land on the eye.

Over the pandemic’s first year and a half, accumulated data have established that about 11 percent of people with COVID develop some kind of eye issue, according to a review of multiple studies.


Oh, great. This probably explains the influx of new people to the r/Meniere’s sub looking for answers. I was wondering where all the new traffic was coming from. Welcome, friends. Come on in and have a seat. We’ll prepare a cup of hot green tea and then we can talk a bit. You don’t like tea? I’m sorry. You probably should try learning to do without caffeine though. Why? Oh, we’ll get to that don’t you worry.


So, been dizzy lately? Got some tinnitus you never noticed before? Yeah, it can be rough, can’t it. Vertigo yet? No? Good. That’s even worse, you don’t want that. Oh, wait. You did? I’m sorry. I’d loan you a Xanax but then we couldn’t talk because if you’re like me you’ll be off exploring the wonders of color and texture around you and you won’t remember most of what we talked about.

Pressure in the ears? Yeah, that’s a bear and probably a sign of bigger problems, more than the dizziness or tinnitus is.

You looking for a diagnosis? You’ve got to go see an otolaryngologist. We call them ENT’s because that’s what otolaryngology means; ear, nose and throat. Don’t let those people who think they know things tell you that ENTs aren’t real doctors. The only people who can help you with ear problems are otolaryngologists, the best of them come from House Institute.

What about Neurotologists you ask? They’re also otolaryngologists and they are generally surgeons that do ear surgeries. If what you want is someone to cut on you, then you want one of those. I have never wanted someone to do needless surgeries. I want both my ears to work. You do too, I’m sure. If you end up with bilateral Meniere’s at some point in the future, you’ll be glad you kept both ears working. You might want to learn sign language anyway. Just in case. Besides, the hearing impaired need people to talk to, too.

If you go see an ENT, make sure that they rule out any known causes for your symptoms. Known causes will potentially have known cures. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED) which is checked with a blood test, etcetera. I don’t know all of them. If they want you to get an MRI before doing anything else then you probably should keep that doctor. They are practicing due diligence which is a good sign in and of itself.

If they do end up saying Meniere’s then ask about treatment. Here is my treatment article again:

…specifically you should trial Betahistine immediately just to see if it helps you. A Xanax script can save you a lot of pain over the following months so you might want to ask for that too. Use Xanax sparingly. I’ve talked to several people who took it daily and that never works out well. I try not to take it more than once a month myself. Sometimes I have a bad month (the last month has been one of them) but that is life with a chronic illness.

If you come to suspect that you might have a different cause than ear or throat problems like TMJ, then by all means go somewhere else for answers. Follow the clues where they lead. Don’t stop with a diagnosis. Find the cure and then come back and tell the rest of us sufferers what it is please.


As far as COVID/SARS-Cov2 infection fears go, I’m just hoping not to be killed by it or to get another chronic illness from it. A chronic illness like the one the chicken pox or mono or whatever herpes family virus it was that I caught at birth gave me. I don’t need another life-long curse to manage, thanks.


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