Coup D’Etat

the Republican party has become a machine for propagandists and televangelists and public liars to do the bidding of robber barons and racists. The people caught up in that mindset aren’t interested in evidence — they will deny any evidence that conflicts with what they want to believe.

And that means that the day that Trump leaves the White House, they will react badly. There will be threats of violence, there will be incidents — but whatever happens, the harder truth will be that the removal of Trump will not be a cure.

Trump was the symptom. The real disease is the Republican party and what it has become.


Just like the time he twisted the arm of the Ukrainian government. Just like all the times it has been demonstrated that he pressures people to alter the truth so that he can be seen as a winner. Over and over and over again since he started trying to gain the office of President of the United States, not to mention the entire time he has been in business, Donald Trump has been shown to be more than happy to bully people into telling lies on his behalf.

This recording is no different than the dozens if not hundreds of other pieces of evidence of Trump’s strong-arm tactics to make the machinery of the government serve his personal interests and not the interests of the people of the United States. (full audio and transcript of the phone call)

Washington Post – Audio: Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes – January 3, 2021

Coup d’etat. That is what this recording is evidence of. An attempted coup by the sitting President of the United States. The word we are looking for here is not coup, however, but traitor. Donald Trump is a traitor to this country and should be treated as such. He should have been treated as a traitor the moment that he attempted to make money off of running for office in 2016. Instead the Republicans of this country have fallen all over themselves to protect him and their perceived power through him. Those who side with him should all be called out as traitors as well. The evidence is undeniable now (has been undeniable to me for more than four years) To deny the evidence now, is treason. 


On Saturday, the third of January, we learned that President Trump had pressured the Secretary of the State of Georgia to commit a felony and manufacture votes for him so that he would be declared the winner in that state.

When that failed he moved on to his next hair-brained scheme:

Trump reportedly planned to replace then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark, a lawyer at the Justice Department, in an effort to apply pressure to Georgia politicians to overturn the results of the race there. Rosen had refused to back Trump’s disputed claims that voter fraud had cost him the election, drawing the president’s ire.

On Sunday the fourth of January, the 117th Congress was seated without much fanfare, including the 154 representatives and an even dozen Senators who had sworn to sabotage the November election results and force the country to accept a second term for the leader of their party, Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter that they made sounds that seemed like a reasonable argument about voter fraud, because they could not produce any evidence of voter fraud when required to produce it in a court of law. They had no evidence, but they would continue with their charade until the bitter end.

On Tuesday the fifth of January, the runoffs for both Georgia senate seats were submitted to the polls and the resulting vote count sometime early Wednesday the sixth produced a result that handed both races to the Democrats, wresting control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell and his Republicans for the first time since 2007.

This was how the sixth of January, 2021, was prefaced. What happened that day will be reported by dozens of reliable news outlets and recorded by countless historians as the day that the United States was almost subjected to a coup by a sitting president. Almost, in that his plans to have the Capitol building torched and the 117th Congressed disrupted and dispersed by his mob of angry supporters failed to produce the results that he clearly desired and had agitated for since the Presidential election had been called for Joe Biden.

(having access to the Rachel Maddow Show, January 7, 2021 would be great. The show that I watched on the edge of my seat the day I wrote most of this. Too bad that MSNBC doesn’t allow the average American to access their archives for this kind of important historical content. What were the television news media saying the day after the insurrection? That can’t be verified. –ed.)

The Maryland Governor was prevented from sending SWAT teams to retake the Capitol for several hours. Why was this? Remember the Reichstag fire? We got lucky. That’s what happened on the sixth.

As long as Trump was riding high, conservative media were often happy to excuse the violence, too. But with Trump on his way out, seemingly cut loose by Republican elites and his own staff, would his one-time media allies excuse the insurrectionary mob that trashed the Capitol in the president’s name?

I’m thinking that the pro-Trump states should be put under military rule just like the seditious states were kept out of civil society after they were reclaimed after the Civil War. They can gain re-entry into the good graces of the federal government in Washington after they admit that they are racists and xenophobes and that they will seek mental help en masse. I mean, we just witnessed an attempted coup yesterday. An attempted coup by White Nationalists. Who can say what else is in the works by these same insurrectionists over the coming two weeks?


PBS – Congress reconvenes to count electoral votes after pro-Trump mob breaches U.S. Capitol – Jan 6, 2021

Watching that video feed was perhaps one of the most traumatic events of my life. I really had no idea if there would be a United States from one minute to the next. As Congress reconvened I was struck by the comments by Republican lawmakers who just a year previously had stood solidly behind the very same man who went on to send his mob to kill them all in his bid to keep the Office of the President in his hands. Kelly Loeffler has a soul. Who’d have thunk it? Mitt Romney has the biggest applause line so far. Alternate reality?

The coup attempt failed. The mob was driven out of the Capitol. The vote was certified and Joe Biden was finally ceremonially confirmed as the next President of the United States.

That feeling when you realize you’re being thrown out of government housing and you only have a week to pack.


Good, fuckwad. It will be less awkward at the inauguration with you not being there. He’s just changing government housing, if we’re lucky. His new digs will have clothing that is the color of that crap he puts on his skin. Again, if we’re lucky


I observed that no one including Hillary Clinton should attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, exactly four years previous to this point in time:

It is fitting that everyone except Donald Trump attend the inauguration of his replacement in the office that he so spectacularly failed to execute for four years.


The original title of this article has been changed and the date was changed to the date of the actual coup attempt from the date when the story of Trump’s phone call to Georgia broke. This piece will remain despite my dissatisfaction with it. I instead expanded it with more stuff written during the time period in question that I hadn’t published elsewhere on the blog.

I essentially stopped publishing much content of a political nature on the blog following the events of January 6th, 2021. I couldn’t separate myself from the events, couldn’t keep my former political leanings from getting in the way of my being able to even process the gravity of the events that came to a head that day.

Fresh Air – The Possible End Of American Democracy As We Know It – December 9, 2021

HuffPost senior justice reporter Ryan J. Reilly says “sedition hunters” have used videos, social media posts and facial recognition software to identify individuals who participated in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6. He talks with Terry Gross about the FBI investigation, and the trials of the accused.

Fresh Air – The Sprawling Capitol Riot Investigation – December 23, 2021

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barton Gellman says the Republican party is increasingly unwilling to accept defeat and, in fact, is “prepared to win by sacrificing the essential elements of democracy.” His new Atlantic article is ‘Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun.’

Some of these people will be going to jail. The only question remaining is, will it be enough of them and soon enough to make a difference?

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