Beware the Woo: Weatherx

The WeatherX app on the Google play store is just a promo for buying their damned ear plugs. Ear plugs will not help me, what I need is an extremely sensitive pressure gradient app or for someone to buy a weather monitoring station for the house. Gifts are accepted.

The Wife calls me her human barometer:

Even so, the only time I’ve noticed symptoms directly correlating with pressure changes has been mad swings of over an inch or more. Most often the onset of symptoms is retroactively attributed to weather changes because weather change occurs so frequently that it’s easy to mistake the coincidence for causation.

This is aside from the days that are high pressure with dense cloud cover where I end up sleeping all day and only wake up if the weather lightens or it starts raining, which mysteriously seems to change everything for me. I can be started awake in an instant of good rain and I don’t know why.

I briefly installed the Weatherx app hoping for some insights into a linkage between pressure and symptoms. What I found was the observations above. The app only exists to get you to use your Weatherx earplugs, which I didn’t own and so consequently was annoyed by its notification to “put in my earplugs” when I didn’t have their earplugs to start with and wasn’t ever going to buy them.

I fail to see how plugging the outer ear makes any difference when the atmospheric pressure we’re swimming in is exerted on every inch of the body and is reflected directly in internal spaces by the fluids in our bodies. This is why I never bought their earplugs in the first place.



I appended some further thoughts to the brief paragraph that I originally wrote in frustration on discovering the truly pointless use of the Weatherx app. Their earplugs cannot solve the problem of pressure changes in the ear because the pressure changes are everywhere not just in the ear, whose pressure is not magically kept unchanged by sticking a plug in it.

I dismissed the Weatherx earplug scheme almost immediately upon learning what it was they were trying to sell me, and for what reason. I’ve now appended further thoughts because several Menierians have bought these things and can’t figure out how to use the effectively. There is no effective way to use them. They are a scam.

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