Trolling, Orange Hate-Monkey Style

The OHM’s Russian spy paid lip service to the plight of brown-skinned children being kept in American concentration camps today, or so I’m told. Who knows what is real anymore. Us not knowing what is real anymore is by design. This is what cointelpro is all about, confusing your enemy, and American citizens who don’t approve of the sitting President are the enemies of both American and Russian spy operations now. Make no mistake about it, we are the targets of the best disinformation machines ever created.

How do I know this? Because I have friends across the political spectrum. Two days ago, a stormtrumper friend of mine was spreading talking point he heard on Conservative media. How Obama had the same problems with asylum seeking children while he was President, and none of you liberals cared then. Except we liberals did care then, it’s just that nobody else noticed we cared. It didn’t even rate a blip on the radar, then. Now, thanks to the OHM’s ham-handed zero-tolerance policy and the outrage that average Americans are leveling at him over it, the plight of children and families fleeing the destruction of their countries at the hands of gangs and dictators

Unaccompanied minors are crossing the U.S. Southwest border in growing numbers again, sparking concerns that the new influx of children could eventually approach the levels that last year prompted the Obama administration to declare a humanitarian crisis.

Washington Post December 16, 2015

We liberals cared in 2014 and in 2015. Hell, a good number of us have cared about treatment of immigrants from Central and South America for as long as we’ve been aware of the mistreatment they recieve. What the conservative I intercepted lambasting liberals means is, HE didn’t care when Obama was mistreating children and earning the label Deporter-in-Chief. The rest of us that weren’t him cared quite a bit.

The NPR Politics Podcast – Weekly Roundup – June 21, 2018

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