Prosecuting Refugees? #ImpeachTrump

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The subject that gets overlooked by me most frequently is the subject that you are likely to read too much of everywhere else you go. If I’m reading more about a subject than I really care to digest, I’m generally determined not to spend too much time talking about it here. This subject? This subject is the exception.

This subject is an I told you so for me. Because I called it over a year ago based on what the Orange Hate-Monkey ran on and what his base of voters are most vocally rabid about. Immigrants. But not just immigrants. Also, only immigrants in that they want to move to the US. They want to move to the US, took the hazardous trip with children to the US, specifically because they fear for their lives in the countries where they live.

#ImpeachTrump. He has to be impeached. I’ve been saying this for a year and a half now. When will the rest of America wake up? The Orange Hate-Monkey will not stop until we stop him. How many will die before we come to our senses?

If enough thousands and millions marched on DC, we’d have a different government the next day. This is a simple fact that is deceptively easy to state, hard to execute in reality. But it remains a fact. It just takes enough people throwing their shoes in the gears of manufacturing for the powers that be admit it is time to make a change.

And what kind of government would that be? Jamming the gears will bring things to a halt, yes – but what comes after? A whole new system, or just the old one modified?

The old system is done. There is no going back now. Nor would most people want to go back. Whatever emerges After Trump (AT) will be different than Before Trump (BT) this state of affairs is unavoidable now. More people should have voted Clinton if they liked things the way they were.

Casey Gerald, TED2016, The Gospel of Doubt

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