Democracy Vs. Republic

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The more radical parts of society are occasionally hung up on these two ideas being in opposition. They don’t seem to understand how the one thing can be part of the other thing, and that the two things together render a system that is more equitable for the people living under that system.

In the United States we live under a pretty unique system. The United States is our country. We hold the power here, and we the people, finally, are about to take hold of the power, for the first time ever. For the first time ever the average American has woken up to the hazard that bad governance has always threatened to unleash on us. For the first time ever the average American can influence the way that the future will trend, just by getting out and expressing themselves.

This wishy-washy bandering of words like democracy or republic? No one cares, fewer know, and even fewer than that understand. Understand the difference. Can you tell me what the difference between a democratic republic is versus a republican democracy? How about the difference between a liberal democracy and an illiberal one? What is the difference between an illiberal republic and Stalinist Russia? Can you understand that they are the same things? I doubt it, not if you are busy trying to cast some shade on the belief in one person one vote. That is what democracy is.

This wrong-headed notion that the two systems are at loggerheads is then used to support inequitable parts of the system that was set down by the founders of the United States.

We are drowning in bullshit in the system as it is currently structured, and I’m about to start standing on the heads of people who insist on the “what, me worry?” independent approach to politics. Vote Democratic or be traitors to the constitution. That is where we are today with the Trumpists in control of half of our political system.

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