Man Shaming

Lets put that shoe on the other foot. Instead of slut shaming one of a choice of many women that fit into the category of “having sex with someone that they regret,” let’s focus on the real culprits here. Bill Clinton forced me to explain what a blowjob was to my pre-teen daughter. Luckily both children were adults by the time Donald Trump ran for office, because I would have committed suicide before attempting to explain golden showers and watersports to children.

My now-adult children had unlimited broadband access for years by that point. They didn’t need me to explain sexual deviancy; but they did helpfully ask if I needed it explained.

So, dad, a golden shower is when…

Thanks, son. I got it. I’m gonna need a mental emetic to get those images out of my head, but I got it. You can stop now. Please stop now.

The point here is, let’s talk about the true guilty parties in these relationships. The 900 pound silverbacks in the room. That would be the men. The men with their loose private parts finding their way into places they don’t belong. I would happily two-man loft Slick Willy under the nearest moving bus, if.


If it meant that stormtrumpers would throw the Orange Hate-Monkey under the exact same bus. Who’s taking bets on that happening?

I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t because the people making these comparisons between Bill Clinton’s victims and Donald Trump’s victims would rather slut shame the victims themselves than prosecute the guilty men. And that, dear reader, is your teachable moment for today.

It will never cease to amaze me the numbers of people who insist on further victimizing victims. As another commenter pointed out, Lewinsky gave the blowjob. She was merely there and attracted to a man with power. A man who should have known better than to get involved with a staff member since he had been caught with his pants down previously and that event had already cost him.

Bill Clinton did force me to discuss oral sex with my daughter. That is simply the fact of the matter. Had he not engaged in questionable practices with his staff (repeatedly) he wouldn’t have had an improper relationship with his staff that could trip up his testimony in court making “blowjob” a news item that had to be explained.

Donald Trump has brought watersports into the political sphere. As if politics needed more perversion attached to it. What I find tiresomely predictable are the people who insist on making this about the women. As if Russian hookers forced Donald Trump to lie under them so they could pee on him. At least the Republicans will no longer be the party of values voters, at least not without a significant amount of hypocrisy and sarcasm. If they claim to have values in 2018, I’m going to have to ask them what part of family values involves whorish men dicking around like they were sailors on leave.

In defending the president you love, be careful you don’t throw your own sanity under the bus with him in defense of him. Bill Clinton was a bad person and a mediocre president, and the truth will out eventually. Bill Clinton is the reason Hillary lost. The stupid people who wouldn’t vote for Hillary blame her for sticking with Bill. Blame her for the things he did. Had she thrown him under the bus in 1998, she’d be president right now. That’s how good she actually is as a person. If she was the power-hungry monster that the Hillary haters make her out to be, willing to destroy the person who is her greatest liability, her husband, she’d be President. Think about that.

Donald Trump’s sex life is now all of our business, now that the stormtrumpers have made him their emperor. His crimes with minors, prostitutes and porn stars are just one more reason why he has to be removed from office ASAP, because those idiots need to understand just how wrong they are. He is the president, the leader of our country. He is willfully ignorant and happy to be that way. He takes what he wants and demands unquestioning loyalty. He is not the kind of person who should ever have power. He has to go, and he has to go now.

I don’t actually care about his sex life or even want to know if and how he engages in sex. Images I don’t want and now can’t be removed from inside my head. But because he holds the office of president, we own all his bullshit. It’s ours now. Donald Trump’s whim-worshipping is our major problem, an example of which is his willingness to lob nukes at North Korea. A verbal assault that he engaged in in response to provocations that his predecessors managed to handle without threatening the world with nuclear war. His unabashed willingness to destroy the world with nuclear war (options for which were discussed seriously with generals over the last few months) has forced our ally South Korea to submit itself to talks with the only government it is more afraid of than China. I predict that there won’t be two Koreas for very much longer, because the Koreans don’t want their homes to be reduced to radioactive rubble in the name of proving that the Orange Hate-Monkey has the bigger red button.

…and one of the most obvious examples of this dangerous behavior on his part is his inability to keep it in his pants. It has cost him millions, cost him entire businesses, and it will possibly cost the world the ability to sustain human life if we leave him in office. So, yeah. I think that acknowledging his obvious failings like whoring around while married is pertinent. The only way it would not be pertinent is if he were still a private citizen. I wish he was.


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