Border Bullshit

This is the graphic that should be shown to every single stormtrumper who is so #MAGA as to believe that Donald Trump is not shining them on. We are currently in the midst of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in more than forty years, unless you count the refugees.

…And we shouldn’t be counting the refugees as illegal border crossings. Refugees like those in Trump’s fear mongered caravan stopped near Mexico city. Refugees who legally can present themselves at the border and ask for asylum. An inconvenient truth that stormtrumpers seem to forget.


Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

Attacks on arguments offered are appreciated and awaited. Attacks on the author will be deleted.

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