2012 Presidential Debates

These were the comments that came to mind while trying to watch the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. I sat down to watch the debates because my friends and family were hating on President Obama pretty much 24/7 by this point, and I was getting tired of defending the man, and getting more informed by having to do research in order to defend him.

So I sat down and watched the debates. Here is the video that I saw live that night.

PBS NewsHourObama vs. Romney: The First Debate – Oct 3, 2012

8:44 – Trying to watch the debate without alcohol is a waste of time. Breaking out the drinks.

Romney is sweating. Not looking good for him.

He crosses the moderator again, and he really will look like a rich asshole.

I’d really like some answers, like “how do you get people higher pay, Governor Romney? As President, how would you achieve this?”

OK, Romney’s cocaine snort wore off at 9:15. Confirmed by instant replay.

“taking over the healthcare system that has produced some of the best outcomes in the world” Romney’s biggest lie tonight.

No wait, it was “we drove our schools to be number one” Oh, really? How many classes did you teach, Governor?


This is what clean coal looks like, Mitt.

In the second debate Romney was live fact checked by the host of the debate (link here) It’s clear who is being presidential here, and who is the complete dickhead corporate raider. Imagine what the reaction would be had Romney been President, and been treated by his challenger in this fashion. Kudos to the President for his handling of this question.


#Benghazi, The Original Dumpster Fire

Editor’s note. The irony of 2020. These were the last debates that I tried to watch. The 2012 debate experience was one of the main reasons why I voted Obama and Democratic for the first time since discovering the LP in 1990. Obama as president was proof that the Democrats had finally changed.

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