They Can’t Just Be Average

Code Switch – They Can’t Just Be Average – October 25, 2017

‘They Can’t Just Be Average,’ Lifting Students Up Without Lowering The Bar The final passage, where the man wants to be a Mechanical engineer, that passage brought me to tears. These two episodes of Code Switch have…


Editor’s note, 2019. Another one of the thousands of posts that disappeared when I deleted my Tumblr account. The only reason I know that I wrote this on Tumblr is because it was during the time that I was allowed to re-post Tumblr to Facebook. That ended, and then shortly after that I deleted my Tumblr account. I had nursed the account along for years, hardly using it, and then finally only using it to distribute posts across the day, making it appear that I was online doing something somewhere. When Verizon stepped in and bought Yahoo and with it Tumblr, I decided I would wean myself out of the Yahoo-verse. It took a few years, but I finally cut the cord a few weeks ago. No more Yahoo for me. I wish I had let my Tumblr account run a little longer. It would have given me the chance to figure out what I said in the rest of that post.

This is the home on Code Switch for all four episodes of Raising Kings: A Year of Love and Struggle at Ron Brown College Prep.

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