iPhones, Healthcare and Cake

I’m using a three year old Google Nexus that was gifted to me by friends. I have the cheapest available phone service in the United States.

I use old tech and cheap services because I’M POOR. I don’t have an iPhone, Chaffetz you asshat.

Don’t buy an iPhone get healthcare is the modern version of the clueless let them eat cake myth. These congressional idiots have no idea what poor people face in the US today. No idea.


Yep. That price would be a comparative bargain. The problem is that he is utterly wrong in so many ways. If you are designing social structures (which is what laws do) you need to design them in such a way as to make the outcomes you desire be the easiest ones to achieve.

If you want healthy people you make it more expensive to live unhealthy lives, not cheaper as the systems do now. You provide free health maintenance with direct subsidies, in the case of healthcare. Basically you do the exact opposite of what the conservatives are proposing.

This is why an understanding and acceptance of science and its findings is more important than political ideology when it comes to politics and politicians. Also the complete opposite of modern conservatives. Same as it ever was.



My phone is newer but still free to me. The service I use is still cheaper than the average. Oh, and I finally have healthcare insurance. The insurance exchanges finally got cheap enough that they represented a savings to me from an out-of-pocket expense standpoint.

Which is how you do healthcare as a poor person. I don’t need my teeth looked at because they aren’t hurting me. Everything else is paid for so I go do the thing that is expected of me as an older person. If you want me to do something, make it worth my while to do it.

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