No one should be able to say they are pro-life unless they are willing to pay for the cost of raising all children born out of their own pockets.

If it does not breathe, it isn’t human life. You can also look at it from the perspective of the soul enters with the first breath.

An unborn child is like any other organ in the female body, with the exception that it can become a separate person.

This is one of the hardest philosophical questions the average person has to deal with. It is understandable to get it wrong sometimes.

This is an excellent podcast talking about this subject;

Radiolab – The Primitive Streak – September 23, 2016

Abortion kills no one, not even in the 9th month. This is a scientifically demonstrable, but unpopular, fact.

People who identify as pro-life are hypocrites if they do not live in continual poverty, spending all that they have to improve the lives of others; especially the others whom they have forced into this world by tricking their mothers into having children that they cannot afford to have.

That is the basis of the comment I made.

If they don’t want to live like that, actually valuing all life as precious and worth sacrificing for, then they need to ask themselves what it is they really believe? Because it isn’t the sacredness of unborn life that motivates them.


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