It’s Not Just Congress

Amongst the stellar examples of stupidity in congressional gatherings around the globe, was this little tidbit:

New Zealand, for instance, is considering an election finance bill that favors incumbents and cracks down on freedom of speech and third parties (sound familiar?). It’s so bad that the New Zealand Herald has now run two front-page editorials against it.

Worse, the bill is “nearly impossible to read. … It’s so bad a commission can’t interpret the bill to determine if it’s legal.” Source: Dumb Laws in the News

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On the other hand, I’m not surprised by anything they do in Utah.

At the bottom of the post is the usual list of transgressions by the national congresscritters. If they won’t pass the Read the Bills Act, can they be convinced to just sit on their hands for a few weeks? We’d all be better off.

Author: RAnthony

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