I don’t think it’s news that Trump is unfit for the office of President. I don’t know that any of the GOP candidates are, though. All of them reject science, embrace christianity to the exclusion of other religions, and want to end all assistance programs for the poor, the elderly and the disabled. The GOP’s real problem is that they don’t understand what the issues in this election will be in the first place. Consequently their candidate will have little chance at winning in a general election no matter who that might be.



Trump badgered and belittled the entire Republican stock, 22 declared candidates, until he and Kasich were the only ones left. Kasich remains the only Republican candidate that was qualified to serve as president who ran in the 2016 election. Unfortunately Donald Trump bought the GOP that year and he became president even though Hillary Clinton garnered seven million more votes nationally than Donald Trump did.

In the end, unfit doesn’t even begin to cover the problem that Donald Trump presented:

…reporter Craig Unger got a former KGB spy to confirm on the record that Russian intelligence had been working Trump for decades. In his new book, “American Kompromat,” Unger interviewed Yuri Shvets, who told him that the KGB manipulated Trump with simple flattery. “In terms of his personality, the guy is not a complicated cookie,” he said, “his most important characteristics being low intellect coupled with hyperinflated vanity. This makes him a dream for an experienced recruiter.”

NBC – U.S. crosses 500,000 Covid-19 deaths. It doesn’t stack up well versus other countries – Feb. 22, 2021

Covid-19 has now killed more Americans than World War II and Vietnam combined.

Thanks Donald Trump!

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