Your Liberty Dollars have doubled!

The base value for an ounce of silver in the American Liberty Dollar system doubled from 10 dollars to 20 dollars at the end of last November. Anyone currently holding certificates or rounds denoted “10 dollar base” has effectively doubled their money.

PLEASE BE INFORMED… (1) If you had digital eLD, your account balance has been doubled. (2) If you wish to redeem your eLD, you will get the new $20 Silver Liberty. The $20 Base paper Silver Certificates will be available by March 2006. Please note article below and the Question of the Month for more info. (3) If you have paper Silver Certificates, you can exchange them for new $20 Silver Base certificates by March 2006 at NO charge or you may redeem them for one ounce Silver Libertys at any time, up to 20 years from date of issue. (4) If you have one ounce $10 Silver Libertys, you may exchange them for one ounce $20 Silver Libertys with a reminting fee of only $1.50 each through your RCO or the National Fulfillment Office in Evansville, Indiana. The $1.50 reminting fee is a SPECIAL OFFER FOR ONLY 60 DAYS: from November 24 to Friday, January 20. After January 20th the reminting fee will be $3.00 for each $20 Silver Liberty and $1.50 for each $10 Half Liberty, still a great price to “double your money.”

Silver rounds are available NOW. The reminting fee will be a buck fifty until January 20th, when it will go up to 3 dollars. Certificates, as stated in LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS will be available in March of next year.


In the second article on the subject for the blog, I’m just blithely stating the profit margin guaranteed the minter in exchange for maintaining the American Liberty Dollar system. Never mind that he holds tons of silver that goes up in value every day that the system continues. It is a nice racket to be in.

I never understood the point of ELD or Electronic Liberty Dollars. I never understood buying the promissory notes/certificates. The point of wanting to own silver was that you didn’t know if the silver was real unless you held it in your hands. The Liberty Dollar organization saying trust us, it’s in the vault is no different than the bank telling you trust us it’s in the vault, and if you are already buying the silver from lack of trust, operating on a basis of trust is more than just a bit counter-intuitive. Are they treating you like the mark in a confidence game? I wouldn’t bet against it.

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