Jeb Bush Says Mistakes Were Made In Iraq

Talking Points Memo

Jeb Bush, “There were mistakes made in Iraq, for sure.”

And there you go, folks. Isn’t he cute? Lets give Jeb a big hand.

Mistakes. These miserable sons of bitches can casually dismiss thousands of dead and maimed Americans, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, trillions of dollars in cost, the destruction of an entire country, a decade and more of war started over deliberately manufactured false intelligence, and ultimately the creation of the very terrorist organizations and networks that didn’t actually exist before our invasion BUT DO NOW AS A DIRECT RESULT OF OUR ILL-CONSIDERED ACTIONS, that they can dismiss as “mistakes.”

But these same hypocritical assholes can’t accept the conclusions of 14 separate Benghazi investigations. No mistakes there, oh no, that’s tyranny! Treason! Conspiracy! Cover up! Murder! Impeach! Impeach!

Fuck this guy. I’ll vote for Pickled Hitler’s Head In A Jar Of Formaldehyde and Onions before I let another Bush into the White House.


Let me be more pointed than Jim. I’ll vote for Hillary. I’ll vote for a Yellow Dog. I’ll vote for whoever or whatever the Democrats run, because the idea of another Bush in the White House is more terrifying than any other outcome I can conceive of.

I think the idea of writing in someone is what *shouldn’t* be done. It is the abject, unforgivable intellectual laziness of the American electorate that allows these soulless cretins to wreak their havoc as someone else commented. We as a group, all concerned liberal Americans, should make a point to visit our local Democratic party headquarters and make ourselves familiar with the local party heads. We should all of us spend the time canvassing, calling, and agitating for good candidates to appear on the democratic ticket in 2016. We should all of us make a point to go vote in primaries, and we should make certain we show up to vote in November in 2016.

Then we might actually see the hope and change we voted for in 2008.



February 20, 2019. The Orange Hate-Monkey was possibly the only person worse than Jeb on those primary stages. Who am I kidding? There was one sane person on those stages, and that guy never did get a break. Gov. Kasich showed up thinking that sanity would be a selling point to the whack jobs that make up the modern Republican party. I would feel sorry for him if the whack jobs weren’t busy destroying our country now. Parties are the corruption at the heart of the US government. This truth could not be made more obvious than it is right here and now.

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