Hillary the Winner?

I think she’s the frontrunner. The one to beat. I have no delusions about what is important to Hillary not being Hillary (because it clearly is) but her leadership at state proved she’s capable of doing the job of President. Please conservatives? Please continue chanting #Benghazi. It wins her case for her. What her goals will be is going to be anybody’s guess, because the polls haven’t been written that will tell her that yet.

 Sing Benghazi to the tune of Volare.

Earl Cooley III (we miss you Earl)

She’s going to do what the polls tell her will win the nomination and then the election for her. It’s what Bill did when she worked him like a puppet while he was President. She’s a savvy politician. I don’t like her, but I will vote for her if she gets the Democratic nomination. 

Edited to clarify what “win” meant. Barring unforeseen inclusion of some dark horse that might actually win the general (read as “someone even more liberal than she is”, because polling shows that’s the trending direction for Presidential politics) I expect to be voting for Hillary in 2016.

Hillary doesn’t stand a chance against Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush will not secure the nomination of his own party; that is how clueless he is. You can bank on that prediction. Even if he were to do that, there is no way the country will elect another Bush. This just isn’t going to happen with 80 percent of Americans still hating the last Bush.

Given the polling, the Republicans would be fools to back him.


Editor’s note

The only question that remains is could any other Democrat have won either the primary or the general? Because she didn’t win the election. Well, she did win the the election because she received 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. Unfortunately winning the election isn’t how you get to be president in the United States.

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