Facebook Users Blocking Me From My Own Thoughts

My latest feedback to Facebook:

Yet another friend has unfriended me. That doesn’t bother me too much, I get that blunt honesty annoys some people. What does bother me is losing the content of comments that I’ve posted to their walls, usually prompting the unfriending/blocking. Some of those comments take hours to compose, and could be used other places since they aren’t appreciated by the person whose wall they were placed on. I would like to have access to those comments, but they even disappear from my own activity log (which in my equally blunt opinion should retain them) can that be fixed? Please?

The following suggestions were offered as a solution to the feedback:

  • A text document on your computer.
  • Have posts sent to email account.
  • EverNote/Onenote/Keep

I type into the interface I’m on and I hit send or post or publish or whatever. I had first noticed that my comments on Facebook disappeared from my timeline when I had been blocked previously, but hadn’t really thought about loosing access to those comments until yesterday’s experience.

I appreciate the suggestions, I really do (it was a note in Evernote that linked me back to the data I remembered. Finally. So Evernote is indeed very useful. If you can remember to take notes) and I have so many drafts hanging out in gmail and blogspot already…

…I just really hadn’t expected that I was getting on the person’s nerves. I mean, he asked a question, I gave an answer. Several lengthy answers to several lengthy followup questions. None of which he appreciated, apparently.



Once again I’m being so fucking cryptic even I can’t remember what I was talking about seven years later. Leave yourself more breadcrumbs, please? Facebook is rapidly approaching irrelevance from a social perspective almost as rapidly as it is beginning to replace CNN as a generic news outlet. I’m not sure that is a good thing.

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