How Many Stars, Amazon? You Mean Write 150 Words.

Amazon sends me eMail asking me (again) how many stars I would give a streamed purchase I’ve made. However, when I click on the link, it doesn’t just want me to give the movie a number of stars, it wants me to wax loquacious about the merits of the film, and then summarize the entirety of my thoughts into a title for the post.

This time it was Dead Poets Society, a film that I could actually write quite a few words about, if it wasn’t 20 years old. The previous film was Blind Date, which I only purchased because

a) it had Bruce Willis in the cast and,

b) we had never seen the film, with a possible,

c) we were drunk and shopping online. Considering the factors involved, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars, but what do you say review-wise about that?

I think I’ll copy and paste this as a ‘review’ for both films. I’ve asked before to be able to opt out of full text reviews, maybe they’ll take the requests more seriously if they show up as reviews on their site (they did, and they didn’t. –ed.) The requests for ratings that I find most irritating are the ones that ask for a review for the purchase of a single song. If I bought it, I love it, but what can you say about it other than to sing the lyrics yourself?


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