Good Day, and Welcome to Day 12

Every year about this time I contemplate doing a blog entry a day, in spoof of the 12 days of Christmas. And every year I remember I wanted to do it about halfway to New Years Day. I remembered it a little sooner this year, since we’re on day 3, one day after the dual French hens and the day before 4 collie birds (blackbirds), the 3 French Toasts day…


AnimaxEntBob and Doug Sing 12 Days of Christmas – Dec 4, 2008

Decent animation. Not sure what I think of an animated show based on The Great White North. It apparently aired while I wasn’t watching, somewhere in the great white north.

Editor’s note, 2019. I owned Bob & Doug McKenzie – Great White North on cassette a lifetime and a half ago. I remember listening to it in the old ’72 Chevelle that I’ve now mentioned a few other times on the blog. I remembered wondering why there was a Christmas song right in the middle of a comedy album. But then there was the hit single featuring Geddy Lee from Rush on the damn thing, too. It was quite a mixed bag of humor. It straddled the line of stupid humor I was willing to laugh at, and crossed that line many times. But I loved the guys. I even took the time to go see Strange Brew and laughed my ass off watching it. To this day I have yet to be able to sit through a single episode of the series that all of this was based on.

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