Convenience Clinics & Science vs. Big Gov’t & Religion

First up, CATO Daily Podcast Regulation Blocks Convenience Clinics which skims the issue of rent-seeking medical associations making it nearly impossible to create low-cost health outlets in some states due to restrictive regulations being put in place governing the practice of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.

Then you have the CATO Daily Podcast Three Parents and an Embryo (based on an article in Scientific American) which addresses the pressing issue of Religious Right interference in today’s medical research; and also begs the question “what procedures will be effectively outlawed when the government controls health care?”

Which gets us back to the issue of professional associations doing a disservice to the public because it financially benefits their members. They’ve abused the system for so many years that now the chickens are coming home to roost. A majority of their own members (like the general public) just want out of the current system.

Out of the frying pan into the fire

But consigning our health care to the champions of good bedside manner, those lovely people who staff the local DMV office, carries other penalties as well. Take the sitting president’s delusions of conversations with his god, and then give that the force of health care policy. Birth control and family planning? No longer available within the US. Stem cell research? Dream on.

Every whim of whichever lackluster executive next sees the inside of the oval office will be virtually written into health care practice with a simple executive order. How good does a single payer system sound now?

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