Hand Fred Trump a Condom

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Would you go back in time and kill baby Hitler?

I have to agree with Jim. Yes. Yes I would. For exactly the same reasons he outlines. All of the reasons, including that its a fucking SciFi trope. It is so much a trope that Doctor Who did an episode about that very subject, killing Hitler. They even titled the episode Let’s Kill Hitler. It was spectacularly handled in Inglorious Basterds. They don’t kill baby Hitler in either of those, they just kill Hitler, and Inglorious Basterds just rewrites history and doesn’t bother with time travel. But why not? Why wouldn’t you save millions of lives by removing known threats before they take form? It’s just a story, after all. Tell it how you like.

If the anti-abortion movement (that is 70% christian) doesn’t like how you tell the story, hand them Michael Moorcock’s Behold the Man and watch their heads explode. It was in that vein that I posted a link to,

…on the live feed for the anti-abortion march when it was up the other day on Facebook. maybe someone will read what the real-world experiences of women are like and learn something in the process. Hope springs eternal. Leave the story devices to those who can tell stories, or be prepared to have your arguments turned inside out. Hand Fred Trump a condom while you are back in time killing baby Hitler. That line could only come from a real storyteller.

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