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December 1, 2007Guests: Michael Newdow & Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers

It’s funny. I recently read an article from some humanist group or other asserting that there weren’t any Atheist groups supporting the lawsuit that wanted to remove under god from the pledge of allegiance. Remove the pledge?

I found the interview with Ernie Chambers far more interesting. Anyone who is so unpopular with the powers that be that they pass a law targeting him specifically…

…I just want to shake that guys hand. Good luck to you, Mr. Chambers.

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December 2, 2006Breaking the Spell of Religion

Introduction of the concept of ‘bright‘ by the guest Prof. Daniel C. Dennett (author of the book by the same title) His approach to religion as a societally important issue is quite thought provoking. Comparing sugar, music, alcohol and religion. There are natural reasons why all of these things are a part of human history. Religion exists because medicine and ritual were originally combined, and those who responded positively to ritual responded better to primitive medicine, which lead to a better survival rate. We are genetically programmed to respond to ritual through selection pressure.

Stephen Weinberg excerpt, from a speech at the Salk institute.

Freethinkers Almanac features Samuel Clements.

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