How about NO income tax?

So, I’m catching up on the podcasts, walking the dogs, and I spend an hour listening to CATO pundits and others go on about The Simplified Tax: A Bold Plan to End the AMT and Overhaul the Income Tax and I’m thinking to myself the whole time “How about NO income tax?”

We funded all the necessary functions of government for 150 years without one, why do we need on now? Beyond that even; what business is it, of anybody’s, how much you make? Your employer needs to know so he can cut the checks, and you need to know so that you know how much you have to spend, save, invest, etc.

They tell you, in most corporations “don’t discuss wages with other employees, it’s a sensitive subject” but if I can’t talk about it with Bob over a beer, why would I want to discuss it with the tax man? Let alone be compelled to avow to it in writing on penalty of additional taxes being levied?

No thanks on that one. I think I’m pleading the fifth the next time the subject comes up.

The income tax needs to end (as well as 90% if the other taxes currently in existence) and not be replaced with anything. If they need additional funds to run the government, they can just sell more lottery tickets.


Ah, hindsight. The people with money should be paying the people without money to keep those without from needing to cut their throats in order to survive. It really is that simple. Call that payment whatever you like, but it is essentially an admission that we do all have to live together unless we want to die together. The latter is all too easily arranged.

I was still wondering about the legality of the income tax itself when I wrote this article. Round and round the arguments go; the 861 argument, Title 26, income/not income, ad nauseum. It was about that time that the subject of a 1040 refund scheme came up in one of the email list groups for alternative currencies that I was a member of back then.

I hadn’t seen this particular take on the problem before. A simple form that you could fill out just to get all your taxes back, no questions asked. I have a hard time believing that the IRS has a form I can file that will give me back all my taxes.  That is the definition of too easy. In the end, it too was a questionable dodge that would probably come back to bite you on the ass just like it has done so many other public figures over the years. Turns out, I was right to be wary:

“The Hendricksons are not strangers to judicial proceedings relating to their Federal income tax” might be Tax Court Judge Ronald Lee Buch’s entry into some sort of understatement competition.  It comes early in his recent decision in the case of Peter and Doreen Hendrickson TCM 2019-10.

That scheme turns out to be just as much bullshit as all the other schemes turned out to be. I credit the Wife with the wisdom on this subject. Her car was hit by an IRS agent out on the highway back when she was a new driver. Her father settled out of court under pressure from the agent who said in no uncertain terms that his taxes would be a never ending problem if he didn’t just pay for the repairs to the agent’s car. Any mention of tax protests gets her all wound up. I don’t even bring the arguments up anymore, even though I still find the subject curious.

The taxman will get their pound of flesh. You can be certain of this, just like the old saying goes. The question remains though, why agitate the poor and the near-poor among the population? Why give them the rope that they will try to take down the system with? If they drive an old car, own almost nothing, never contact a known tax cheat for the purpose of cheating on their taxes, why make them pay anything at all?

Everyone should have skin in the game, the retort of those who insist everyone should pay, is a completely misunderstood notion. Everyone does have skin in the game. Some of us owe our very skins to somebody who wants them. Some of us shit in gold toilets and pretend to infinite wealth. Maybe those latter people are the ones that the IRS should target? Just a thought.

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