Petition Backers Indicted On Felony Charges

I like TL Knapp’s headline on RRND:

Oklahoma junta brutally suppresses democracy

OK isn’t much better than any other third world country when it comes to open and honest elections. Here is further proof:

“Is this what happens when people petition their government? Is this America? What is going on?” shouted Jacob, now head of Citizens In Charge, a Virginia-based organization devoted to protecting and expanding voter rights to initiate ballot measures.

“This is an attack on our right to petition our government,” said Jacob, who also has been associated with Americans for Limited Government, a think tank opposing government growth.

Also facing conspiracy charges are Susan Elizabeth Johnson of Michigan, president of National Voters Outreach, based in Nevada, and Richard Merrill Carpenter of Tulsa, head of Oklahomans In Action, which filed the TABOR petition.

Carpenter was charged with a second felony — violating the state’s initiative petition act.

The three were handcuffed together and escorted to a booking area by sheriff’s deputies after appearing before District Judge Bryan Dixon. The judge set bail at $10,000 each for Jacob and Johnson and at $4,000 for Carpenter.


And what, pray tell, was their heinous crime? They used out of state petitioners to collect signatures. Ten years and a felony record for using someone from out of state to collect signatures for a ballot initiative. Only in OK.

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