Austin Film Festival

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Austin Film Festival. I’ve been to a few of these things in the past, but I’ve never been approached before with an offer of free tickets to some of the films. This year, thanks to Christopher Holland over at AFF, I hooked up with some of the members of Austin SF, and we went on a movie watching spree.

Both of the films that I saw today were of excellent quality.

The first, Run Robot Run, was a rather humorous look at the future and what might happen if a robot replaced you. Replaces you personally. Takes your job, your love interest, everything that gives your life meaning. What would you do to get it back?

There was an irreverent feel to the film that reminded me a bit of Office Space, but was at the same time quite different.

The second, A Lobster Tale (starring Colm Meany) was a drama exploring the relationships of a Maine lobster fisherman and his wife and young son, and what changes occur in their lives when they are visited by a miracle. Also starring Graeme Greene as the town sheriff.

I was quite impressed with Jack Knight who was cast as the son in the film. If I’m not mistaken, we will be seeing a lot more of this actor as the years progress. He carried most of the emotional baggage of the film, and he did it masterfully.

I really liked both films, and would recommend them to anyone who felt they might be interested in seeing them. Both films will be showing again later in the week. Catch them, or one of the many other films hosted by the AFF, if you have the time.

If I had been paying better attention, I might have gotten a badge for the entire event. Then I wouldn’t have missed the director’s cut of Payback – Straight Up. I would call this a ‘guilty pleasure’ film (because there is nothing redeeming about any of the characters in the film; but you seem to enjoy watching them anyway) and a ‘black comedy’ as it was originally released. I have no idea what it will look like restored to the director’s original intent. But I will probably have to check it out.

I’m definitely going to have to remember to mark my calendars for the event next year.

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