1408 – The Exception to the Rule

1408 (2007)

Most of the horror films that I haven’t seen are marked “not interested” on Flixster; that’s because I have a tendency, when scared, to scream and run in place. Ask me if I want to endure this in advance, and you’ll get a not interested from me, pretty much every time.

1408 (2007) – Mar 3, 2009

This film was a notable exception. I like both the leads in 1408, and the story of the writer driven to seek out haunted places as part of dealing with his personal demons struck a chord with me.

I was not disappointed. While not long on plot, the pacing of the film was fast enough to keep me interested, and the twists, in general, kept me guessing. Yes, I did scream, duck and run in place at least 4 or 5 times during the film. Still, it was worth it.

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