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Ran across this entry over at the Digital Money Blog. It seems that Internet retailing over in Britain is taking off faster than it is here in the US. His reason seems plausible:

In the US, if you want to buy a widget then you stop off at the widget shop, park right outside, nip in and get your widget from someone who wants to sell you one and then go. In the UK, if you want to buy a widget then you’ve got to find somewhere to park (and get charged a fortune for it), walk miles to the widget shop and then be ignored by the bored teenage assistant who, in any case, knows nothing about widgets.

While I agree about the ease of the process of shopping in the US, the “bored teenage assistant” in the US is generally just as clueless (albeit nicer about it) as the ones in the UK, I’m certain.

When the wife and I walk into the local electronics stores to buy boards for the computers or whatever ‘widget’ we need this week, she inevitably ends up correcting a salesman who is trying to make a sale to another customer. If I didn’t have her with me, I wouldn’t trust a one of them to be able to help me find what I wanted.

The reason I still make the trek to the local “Power Center”…

[Shopping malls and strip centers are so last century. Power Centers are even dated now. The latest thing? Multi-use shopping/office/residential complexes. When those start taking over the landscape, I think I’ll stay home]

Is that age old need to touch whatever it is I’m looking for, before I buy it; and that I generally need whatever it is right now, not a week from now. I buy a lot of stuff online, when I’ve planned ahead and I’m making purchases in advance.

When planning fails, or the widget just breaks, the ease of the process gets me out in the car. That, and getting to watch the wife make some teenage assistant’s life a momentary hell.

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