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Stumbled across this group the other day

This was my first thought after watching the towers fall. We need to rebuild them, taller and stronger than they were before. Nothing will show our resolve more clearly, than to reconstruct what was taken from us on that day, as best we can.

No other construction or memorial on the ‘ground zero’ site will ever equal the statement that restoring the twin towers will make.

Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

2 thoughts on “Rebuild ’em”

  1. bob wrote:
    Why should government rebuild 2 ultra tall quick and dirty warehouses for office workers that will mostly just sit there empty?

    The largest fly in the ointment remains the fact that the *Port Authority* a quasi-governmental body that functions on tax revenue is the owner of the property in question. I’m sure there are several developers that would be willing to step forward and take responsibility for the rebuilding project, provided the Port Authority was willing to sell or lease the property long term. There ins’t much property in that area of New York that is available for development.

    The use that the buildings can be put to is not limited to office space. The external towers are just the shell, the facade. What goes inside could just as easily be condominiums; or a multi-use arrangement with offices and retail on the lower floors (similar to the John Hancock in Chicago) so as to allow city dwellers to truly enjoy the benefits of living within a city. A city within a city, as it were.

    The major limitation remains the NGO owner.

    bob wrote:
    Who in their right mind would even build a little 30 story high rise right now in the US what with the economy going down the tubes, into another depression.

    The same types of people who started high rises during the Great Depression. They’re called “entrepreneurs”, something this country used to have a plentiful supply of.

    bob wrote:
    I find this a strange concept. Resolve for what exactly?
    I’ve never seen/heard anybody mention the what part.

    To restore/maintain our freedom. Which is why the rebuilding project has never gotten very far. Most Americans these days only want the illusion of freedom. What they really want is to be ‘safe’. I’m hearing echoes of that in your objections.

    As Franklin pointed out, we deserve neither freedom nor safety if we fail in resolve.

  2. Gordon wrote:
    We are not in a great depression yet, so any money invested into these buildings now will be lost soon.

    Real property remains of value no matter what the ephemeral dollar does in the meantime.
    …And gold is a good hedge but you can’t eat it or live in it.

    An example of a successful way of managing a tall building.

    Gordon wrote:
    We are better off rebuilding our failing currency system, or restoring a somewhat working constitution. Those things would be worth being “patriotic” about. How about restoring gun ownership to the entire nation? How about keeping copsfrom kicking in doors of the citizenry to steal their property and firearms in a time when they are needed the most? How about deregulating money, deregulating business and generally getting out of the way of innovation in all fields from medical to science and quit pushing the innovators overseas?

    All of the above sounds good. I’m just suggesting that another boondoggle memorial project on ground zero is not what is needed in Manhattan right now. Which is what we are going to get if the Port Authority gets its way.
    As the live cameras show, the construction is already underway.


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