A Precinct Chair Without a Polling Place

I have one but it’s over a mile away now, so not really local. It was across the street. I could walk there with my coffee mug, vote and be back home inside of 10 minutes, generally. The longest I ever had to wait was less than ten minutes.

In the most recent elections (not the primaries; Libertarians don’t have primaries, we vote in conventions on our own nickel instead of spending taxpayer money with a primary) I walked over to the usual polling place only to discover that the county had changed it without bothering to tell me. Now I have to get in my car and drive (it’s farther than I can comfortably walk) find an effing parking place (Not easy. The schools also serve as polls, and as government agencies are exempted from meeting parking requirements imposed by the city; so they generally don’t provide any. Don’t get me started) and then wait in line (last time for more than an hour) in order to cast a vote.

I’m left wondering if this is acceptable to the Travis county clerk’s office because my neighborhood is predominantly populated with minorities, or because as a Libertarian I have posted signs in my yard several months in advance, anticipating an election.

So I called the Secretary of State’s office today to ask. They directed me to the County Clerk’s office (which is how I know who is responsible here) I called the county clerk’s office. I was transferred 4 times before they were certain I was speaking to the right person. I voiced my complaints (see above. Most egregious is the need to get in my car and lack of my own coffee at the new precinct) I was assured that someone will get back to me and address my complaints. That would be a first. Every time I write a letter to my congressman I get a letter in return that completely misses my complaints. Addressing them would be nice.

Rev. 02/09/2022

Author: RAnthony

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