9-11: Who Were the Terrorists Again?

Right after the attacks on the world trade center we started to here rumors that perhaps Bush knew of the attacks in advance or that he orchestrated the attacks. I posted something like “if the powers that be are capable of orchestrating an attack of this size against their own people, then we might as well concede defeat in the battle for liberty; people who are capable of that won’t stop at anything to achieve complete domination” that day.

I ran across a link to a film in the comments over at Hammer of Truth that makes me wonder if perhaps it’s time to give up political efforts and focus on entertainment for my pastimes. At least I won’t get disappeared that way.

The film is Loose Change, which is available for viewing. I have questioned the logistics of the attack on the Pentagon for some time. But I’ve never heard a logical argument that disproved the official version of events for the world trade center attacks. Until now. Still would like to know “where are the people from the planes?” It’s too bad they’ve destroyed all the evidence for the 9-11 sites. We might be able to prove the hypothesis one way or the other if they hadn’t.


The stupid, it burns. Also this:

…you probably should go check that article out before drawing any conclusions about the author from the bullshit this is appended to. The dude that wrote this post in 2006 was out on a very weak limb of sanity.

I can blame my looming health problems for most of that, thankfully. Loose Change is unmitigated bullshit. I don’t know why I ever gave it a modicum of credit. The strike on the Pentagon was not only caught on video, there were eyewitnesses that saw the plane fly into the thing. This was easy to corroborate because the flight path took it straight over a freeway that was gridlocked at the time; and still, millions of people bought these stupid conspiracy fantasies. I was just one among millions a the time. That is cold comfort to me now.

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