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Reading back issues of Linux Pipeline tonight, came across a link for the Linux Distro Chooser Quiz. (There is a 2020 version here. –ed.) It suggested I use Suse; which is kind of funny, since I’m only looking at other distros because I’m tired of fixing the missing pieces in Suse.

I want to be able to play DVD’s on a linux system without having to stand on my head tracking down different parts of a software program. I just want to install a DVD player that actually plays DVDs and I haven’t found one that I don’t have to assemble each time I upgrade the OS software. Suse comes with DVD disabled, as well as a lot of other bits and pieces missing and broken.

…and if I find it frustrating, as a confirmed software geek (if not a bonafide programmer) I can only imagine what the average user thinks.

The quiz is actually pretty cool, I do recommend it. I tweaked the settings the second time around and came up with a pretty decent list of distros, two of which I already have on hand (Ubuntu, and LinSpire. I also noticed a Kubuntu in the list; A KDE version of Ubuntu, apparently) and will be installing and trying to break shortly.

I’m already impressed with Ubuntu. I was able to get online using the live CD in about 5 minutes. Pretty cool.

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