Clark Howard’s War on ALD

Someone has been stirring up trouble over at the American Liberty Dollar (ALD) forum under the subject heading “Customer No Service” and it reminded me of a thing I went through on Clark Howard’s BBS a few years back. It reminded me of that event because Customer No Service is a trademark Clark Howard phrase, and Clark Howard has hated ALD from the beginning.

I used to listen to the Clark Howard show on a regular basis. I gave it up when his forum hitmen banned me for posting this stuff. I still don’t listen to him, although the mere sound of his voice no longer sends my blood pressure over the red-line. I’ll take silver coins over green paper any day; but there are some people who seem to think the words Federal Reserve Note (FRN) equate to some kind of guaranteed value.

Attention Clark Howard Listeners:

The Silver Liberties are not paperweights. They are made of .999 fine silver. They are stamped with a value of $10 (that’s FRN value) and can be exchanged for same if you desire green paper instead of real silver.

You can go here: for more information.

For local Austin Retailers who accept Liberty Dollars, go here:

For local silver info: (dead link -ed.)


The caller to the show that complained about receiving silver instead of FRN’s highlights the predicament that the monetary system is in. Something with actual value is worthless in her mind, while the worthless green paper has value.

The banks OF COURSE will not take private money. The private money is a liability for them, whereas the Federal Reserve has been a cash cow that generates unprecedented returns for member banks. The last thing they want is for the inflationary reserve notes to be replaced.

I can print green pieces of paper all day for the people who think paper has value because it says FRN on it. An ounce of silver will always be an ounce of silver; a green back could be worth as much as a Continental tomorrow. Who knows? Perhaps you should read The Creature from Jekyll Island before casting aspersions on others.

You might want to put on your foil hat first. Don’t want those weirdo free thinker rays to penetrate, do we?


Actually, the foil hats are most often used to keep the gubbament and alien mind control rays out. ( The mind control rays from the combined gubbament and alien conspiracies are particularly damaging.)

Excellent and entertaining website you linked.
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

It contains many technical details and ideas not easily found just anywhere. It and its many links to other technical information are just as much–or more–useful as your links about gubbament conspiracies.

The calculator for computing required thickness of the foil is especially useful–and I rank its value right up there with your conspiracy theories, too.

The website is quite comprehensive, so the only technical detail I might add it that there are aluminum foil tapes used to seal ductwork, which might be more effective than scotch tape in constructing a foil beanie.

Hope this helps. 


I’ll grant that what occurred with the establishment of the fed was a conspiracy; but to refer to it as a theory is to discount the exhaustive research that went into not only The Creature from Jekyll Island, but the 4 or more works that were written previously on the subject, and that are referenced in the book.

It would be equivalent to saying that gravity is a theory, or that sunlight is a theory. Doesn’t wash, sorry.

The FED was a sucker ploy, and the U.S. fell for it. We live now in the world Jefferson warned us about.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

(Jefferson never said this -ed)

Pretend otherwise all you like.


And a green piece of paper will still be a green piece of paper tomorrow, unless I destroy it. Similarly, your ounce of silver will always be an ounce of silver, unless you destroy it. Silver has no more intrinsic value than paper. Both have the value that they have because people will trade goods and services for them. If that changes, either one could be worthless when trying to acquire goods and services. For example, in a case of a major earthquake, you might have trouble buying clean water and food with paper or silver, but you could use cigarettes. In that case, the “money” is worthless, because the food and water others have are much more valuable. The cigarettes are something people value, though.


“Silver has no more intrinsic value than paper”…and, in fact, I think I’ll let that statement stand by itself.

For those who doubt the veracity of the above, you might want to check into a concept known as “investing“, and the materials known as “precious metals“. Just a thought.


… from someone who posted a note like yours. Maybe you can join some fellow simpletons in the tax protest movement?


Be sure to ask “how high?” the next time you’re in for an audit. After all, once you’ve waived your fifth amendment rights and sent in that 1040, you are an admitted criminal waiting to be found.

Just a thought. (none of the sites that make claims concerning the validity of the IRS should be taken seriously unless you are wanting to adopt the teachings of White Nationalists. -ed.)

I’ve learned not to use the word ‘intrinsic’ since this exchange took place. Tangible is what most people would equate to intrinsic in meaning.

At the time I posted this stuff I wasn’t a Liberty Associate, I was simply attempting to enlighten the public concerning money and value. I did eventually sign up with the Liberty Dollar a few months after that. The moderators on Clark Howard’s BBS banned me, leveling the charge that I was trying to profit off of his audience. A false accusation, at the time.

If the average American can’t figure out why Silver money has value and paper money does not, then things are much worse than I had originally thought, and the time to get behind precious metals is now.


Where to start with this one? I’d like to pretend that I was on drugs and so not responsible for most of the text here, but that would be lying and I’m trying not to do that here. I left the two quotes in that I did when I re-edited this article specifically to illustrate the baiting that was going on in the BBS at the time. There was a lot more back and forth like that like that. One of the two quotes is from someone that, in hindsight, I wish I had taken more seriously. He was, at least, trying to be even-handed. In my blind belief in Libertarian ideals, in the fact that physical commodities would always have more value than promissory notes, I let the sense that several people tried to focus on me be deflected by those beliefs.

…which is why I now end up having to strike out the bullshit that I was repeating at the time. In my defense, I was desperately trying to distinguish between the natural limits on a physical commodity as opposed to the near unlimited supply of paper currency which could be created. As opposed to the truly uncounted and uncountable electronic dollars that currently reside in most bank accounts across the world. Without the social order, tradable commodities will have value when other things do not. Metals will have more use and therefore more value than old printed paper so long as humans trade commodities. This is simple fact, not something to be debated.

The problem with all of these distinctions is that they are subjective in nature. Paper has no more or less value in relation to minted silver unless you look at the subject through human eyes. They both simply exist. This is more than could be said for any form of electronic currency including the now long-dead Electronic Liberty Dollars. I quit supporting Bernard Von Nothaus when he crafted Donald Trump Liberty Dollars. No matter what I think about holding and trading physical commodities as stores of value, I can’t be associated with anyone who thought that Donald Trump should be president.

I’m working on an EPHN article about money. One of these days I’ll get around to publishing that one, too.

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