Trae Crowder on the Ellen/Bush Reaction

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Trae (can I call you Trae?) You are hanging around in the wrong circles online. That’s what I get from this. It’s funny, so I know why you went there. However, anyone pissing about Ellen saying she sat next to Bush at a football game is an idiot. That is their overriding mental makeup, not that they claim to be liberal (which they demonstrably aren’t. Liberal means listening to all arguments without judgement. You don’t have to accept them, you just have to hear the speaker out once.) That’s my response. Maybe it’s because I block reactionary dickheads like you are describing, no matter which side of the isle they are on, on every platform I spend any time on. Outrage influencers are the lowest scum of the earth. Way, way below war criminals on the value meter. They can’t be reasoned with, no matter who they are outraged at.

…I’m just thankful that I don’t have to read and/or listen to their shit. If only the Orange Hate-Monkey were that easy to ignore. What’s that? I can’t be liberal if I’m ignoring their arguments? When they make different arguments I’ll give them a second chance. If they can get my attention.

Facebook comment and video posted to blog. Conservatives eat their own, too. Were you watching the 2016 election?