Daily Beef: Pool Woes

Grrrrrrr. !@#$%^&*! pool. 300 dollars poorer, and the damn thing still doesn’t work. We did manage to figure out that we need a leak detection service next. Which is too bad, because the only services I’m familiar with are ones I won’t use again.



We never did get the damn thing repaired. The leaks were in the suction lines, and those would require us to dig all the way around the pool to replace. I overstressed them trying to keep the pool equipment from freezing the winter before, and they cracked under the pressure of trying to pull pool water up out of the pool and into the skimmers through a suction hose rig I had put together. Or maybe they just finally cracked that winter from the years of not being protected in freezing weather. Or the decades of use. In any case, the pool has been a frog pond for about six years now. Here’s one of the frogs.