Dressed & Unimpressed

I keep being shown ads for Naked and Afraid. I feel like I should explain to the shows creators why this show doesn’t work for me and most of the internet. You don’t show us nudity because you aren’t allowed to on network television; and when I say nudity, I mean full frontal nudity as we might see in the 70’s issues of National Geographic. I mean, I can see more tits and ass watching reruns of Porky’s than I can watching that show, not to mention 24/7 full video pornography with surround sound if that is what I really want to watch.

Truthfully? I’ve never been interested in the show. The titillation factor is what the show’s creators bank on, though. They simply can’t deliver on that promise given current FCC regulation. The ads are eye-catching and they hype up the naked part, but the fact that they can’t show nudity on TV (well, nudity you don’t pay extra to see anyway) or won’t risk lawsuit from the FCC due to complaints from viewers (who tune in to watch for nudity) they are reduced to teasing potential viewers with the kind of raw nudity that they tune in like suckers to watch for and end up being disappointed every time.

We wear clothes for a reason. For many reasons, actually (I’m rather fond of pockets, myself) I really don’t need to see the kind of physical damage you can do to yourself by not wearing clothing out in the searing sun all day for months at a time. Keep your show, I’ll keep my pockets.



Some old daily beef I missed publishing when it was relevant. 14 seasons of the show? Way more of it than there should have been. Way more than it deserved.