Let Them Eat Cake

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday urged furloughed federal workers facing a second missed paycheck to seek loans to pay their bills while adding that he could not understand why they were having trouble getting by.

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“Let them eat cake”

The stage is set. The players are in place except for a few key roles. Who will play the parts of Robespierre and his cronies on the committee of public safety? Who will be Napoleon riding in to anoint himself emperor and savior of the people?

Just FYI. This is why the smart, wealthy people are visibly generous to a fault. The don’t want an army of armed, hungry peasants seizing their property in the hopes of being able to feed themselves. Charity is noble? Yes. It is also essential if you want to avoid becoming a target. Wilbur Ross just painted a target on his and his president’s back. Not a smart move.


This was a status post written on Pluspora, where I went after Google+ was canned by Google, because I was invited there by several acquaintances I met on G+. Pluspora was/is an instance of the Diaspora social software that was supposed to be a replacement for Facebook. One of the dozens of proposed replacements for Facebook. None of them have ever come close to being a real alternative to Facebook, and even Facebook itself isn’t Facebook anymore. Not really.

The Diaspora software has some serious holes in it, which I stumbled across almost immediately:

None of these holes have been patched, that I’ve noticed anyway. It’s been a few years but I’m ready to pull the plug on Pluspora. It’s just a matter of making sure that I’m not duplicating the error I committed when I deleted my Tumblr account when Tumblr went over to the dark side. Some new/old backups for the blog will be now (June 6, 2021) begin appearing.

The takeover of the U.S. government by the American proletariat has been postponed for a few years, or perhaps it will be a bloodless revolution under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If authority reverts back to the Trumpists in the next few years, there will be blood.