Atheist Radio Show Goes National on Air America

Faux News reports (you decide!):

“This one-hour weekly show from Wisconsin I don’t think is going to have much of an impact, thank God,” said Joseph Zwilling, communications director for the Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

My response to religious objections to a one hour Saturday program from FFrF? Where’s the rapture when you need it? Cheese & Rice, but I could use a little less religion on my airwaves, let me tell you.

Air America is not on the air in Austin, Texas. The purported Liberal Island in the sea of Conservative Texas doesn’t have a radio station running Air America. What a travesty. So, here goes. I’m working my way through the podcast archives, as well as listening to the new episodes as they air.

Podcast Link.
October 13, 2007Special Guests: Ron Reagan & Emma Martens

Press coverage on Freethought Radio going national.
Announcement of the billboard campaign.

Freethinkers Almanac. Freethought of the Day. Brad Pitt on loss of faith. Audio for this bit:

New Rules – A Religious Test for Office

Emma Martens is having a problem with Boulder High School, and their form of broadcasting the pledge of allegiance over the loudspeaker system. (How about no pledge?)

Ron Reagan on his life with his father. Worth listening to. Openly atheist Ron Regan on life with his devoutly christian father, as a child. I’m having a hard time picturing this, but it’s a good interview.

2006 Archive episode.
October 14, 2006Rescinding South Dakota’s Abortion Ban

The South Dakota abortion ban discussion. I think I might have blogged on this subject before. If men were smart (and wanted to ever have sex again) they’d follow my lead and echo the line “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.” Leave the judgments about the proper use of a uterus to those who have them.

Luckily, the ban failed.

Editor’s note

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