The Cost of War vs. The Cost of Peace

I listened to Waking Up #26 – The Logic of Violence today. I was left troubled by the way that Sam Harris seemed to be drawn down the garden path by his guest.

YoutubeWaking Up #26 – The Logic of Violence

This is another episode of a podcast that I’m listening to and wondering “What Would Jim Wright say about this?” I mean, he wouldn’t be critical of the man’s service, that much is sure. He has a rule about that which I agree with. There are a few other points that can be made without going there. The Iraqis asked us to leave, so insisting that we stay just invalidates the premise that we went there on, to free the people. So too the majority faction voted for the government they have, which created the fertile ground that Daesh spread into.

Syria and Russia contributed to the current mess Daesh mess, and too few voices point this out. Shall we go to war with Russia over Syria? Daesh is a world problem, it should not fall to the US to fix it, or should it? Are we the world’s policeman now, is that our job?

Allusions to the paving stones in the road to hell, or to what ‘big brother is watching’ means in a twenty-first century war aside, I have to really wonder at intelligent people who claim that war ended the ideas of fascism while the Republican front-runner openly voices fascist proposals and is applauded for it. Fascism is clearly alive and well here in the US.

We having an identity crisis right now. Perhaps we should figure out who we are before we try to tell others who they should be.

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Speech. Choice.


What I think is “that is why I will support a centrist nominee from the Democratic party so that a victory in the general election can be assured. Thereby securing the SCOTUS against further conservative dilution of the guarantees we American’s hold dear.” Speech. Choice. Opportunity. Ability. Mobility. Much more specific than the toss-off word “Freedom” that you hear so often but means so little when examined. Freedom is all those things and more, but without those things freedom is meaningless.



We probably should have taken the move to limit democratic involvement in government more seriously in past years. That is what the 2016 election proved to me. Like the 2000 election, 2016 was just another signpost on the road towards dictatorship from an imperial presidency, the vision of American Republicans. The Trumpists of 2022. They will impose a white dictatorship on the United States in 2024. I wonder if we will let them get away with that?

Dick Cheney Thinks Trump Has Gone Too Far

When the evil psychopath who thinks Preemptive War, Rendition, and Indefinite Detention are good ideas, who came up with TORTURE AS NATIONAL POLICY, a guy who half the civilized world considers a murdering war criminal, yeah, when THAT soulless cybernetic bastard thinks you’re over the line, when Dick Cheney comes down on the same side as the French, as Muslims, as LIBERALS … well, you know, maybe that should tell you something.

Stonekettle Station

That gave me pause last night. Cheney? He can be all loose with the truth when it’s his balls in the vice, but when it looks like the mob that every Republican candidate has embraced since Reagan decides to go full goose bozo and demand the personification of the rhetoric they’ve been raised on, NOW he discovers solid moral ground not based on fear.

Too late, Dick. You are going to hell with the rest of the people you brought to power.

torture as national policy was instigated in the 1950s by Allen Dulles upon his becoming head of the CIA. It was simply that it wasn’t used in OUR nation until the CIA’s prohibition against acting within the borders of the US was quietly retired.

Nothing that is revealed about the CIA surprises me. Like the KGB there isn’t a depth of horror beyond their reach. On the other hand, a history to point to does not exonerate the vampire. He’s the one who still thinks it was a good idea and defends it.


If you love the principles that make the foundation of our laws — and of the United States in a general sense — then you should take your leave of Trump, and for that matter, of any candidate who would cheerfully ride into power the same constituency Trump is mining. What you stand for and who you stand with matters. It’s time to stand away from Trump. As far away as you can get.


Exhaust Fumes


Let them breath their own exhaust fumes. The further right they go, the less appeal they will have to the general public, the more Democrats will be elected in protest. The more Democrats move into new areas with new people the more change we will get in voter registration laws, gerrymandering laws, finance laws. Win-win.


Well, that took longer than I thought. Tragically longer. Too long? Can’t say yet.


A name coined for Donald Trump fans by Berkeley Breathed in these two cartoons.

Instagram tribute.

Editor’s note. This was added as a definitive source when I started using stormtrumper as a noun on the blog. It was backdated to when the comics first appeared on Facebook. BB occasionally pulls down the comics he posts to Facebook. Also, non-Facebook users do not have access to those posts. I have two birds …er problems, that I solved with this one post. Simple solution.

TPP: Multinational Profit?

President Obama warned yesterday that China would step into the economic vacuum the U.S. would create if it fails to complete and enact a free-trade deal with Asia. “If we don’t write the rules, China will write the rules out in that region,” he said. “That will mean a loss of U.S. jobs.”

But who’s “we?” The deal was written largely by big American corporations. But American corporations aren’t “we.” They exist for their global shareholders, not for Americans. To the extent we know what’s in the deal (on the basis of what’s been leaked), the Trans Pacific Partnership does exactly what American-based global corporations want: It expands their intellectual property protections and gives them the right to be compensated if national health, safety, labor, or environmental regulations that impinge on their profits.

Moreover, there’s no reason to think American-based corporations will be a counterweight to China. They’ve been cozying up to China for years in order to gain access to China’s vast market.

Your view?

Robert Reich

I’m inclined to let China keep stealing from the multinational corporations unless and until they want to drop the idea that they and only they are guaranteed profits. The multinational corporations need to embrace the notion that humanitarian concerns should be part of their corporate goals. Until they do that, they are no different than vampires living off the bodies of the living.

China owns us already, there is no preventing the dominance of China in global economic markets now. Now that we’ve forced them to buy so much of our government’s debt. The trade deficit won’t be affected by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) All it does is make it easier for multinational corporations to profit in China. TPP doesn’t do a damn thing for average Americans. If corporations wanted the weight of the US behind their perceived right to profit-take, they probably should have left us with some hope of profit of our own.


Donald Trump killed the TPP. One of the few things he’s done that hasn’t proven to be destructive of America itself, and might even be something I could agree with. It’s nice to be right every once and awhile? Not when you have to be grateful to Donald Trump.


The First Clown Out

The Senator we all love to hate is the first clown out. I wanted him out first because, frankly, he is the most dangerous person running, completely capable of destroying the U.S. government and possibly the world as we know it. But, we were always safe from president Ted Cruz because he was never qualified to be president and will likely never be qualified to be president. He’s a Canuckian, as I pointed out previously.

Hillary the Winner?

I think she’s the frontrunner. The one to beat. I have no delusions about what is important to Hillary not being Hillary (because it clearly is) but her leadership at state proved she’s capable of doing the job of President. Please conservatives? Please continue chanting #Benghazi. It wins her case for her. What her goals will be is going to be anybody’s guess, because the polls haven’t been written that will tell her that yet.

 Sing Benghazi to the tune of Volare.

Earl Cooley III (we miss you Earl)

She’s going to do what the polls tell her will win the nomination and then the election for her. It’s what Bill did when she worked him like a puppet while he was President. She’s a savvy politician. I don’t like her, but I will vote for her if she gets the Democratic nomination. 

Edited to clarify what “win” meant. Barring unforeseen inclusion of some dark horse that might actually win the general (read as “someone even more liberal than she is”, because polling shows that’s the trending direction for Presidential politics) I expect to be voting for Hillary in 2016.

Hillary doesn’t stand a chance against Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush will not secure the nomination of his own party; that is how clueless he is. You can bank on that prediction. Even if he were to do that, there is no way the country will elect another Bush. This just isn’t going to happen with 80 percent of Americans still hating the last Bush.

Given the polling, the Republicans would be fools to back him.


Editor’s note

The only question that remains is could any other Democrat have won either the primary or the general? Because she didn’t win the election. Well, she did win the the election because she received 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. Unfortunately winning the election isn’t how you get to be president in the United States.