Lots of Luck in Your Senior Year

Honestly? I don’t give a shit about the State of the Union Address. I don’t watch it, not since they started this “rebuttal” nonsense. It’s just theater, a moment for every wealthy politician and rich pundit to tell you how terrible everything is. There’s no meaningful content.


I don’t watch rebuttals. They are always embarrassing. Rubio with the water bottle. Bad sets. Bad speeches. Bad intent. Always. Embarrassing. Let’s face it, you can’t rebut a non-factual hour-long feel good ramble. You can’t do it, not without looking like the dickheads that you are. So just stop doing it. Let the President have his jollies for that one day a year.

Or maybe not. Maybe we should treat the SOTU like the Prime Minister’s questions:

The style and culture of PMQs has changed gradually over time. According to former Speaker Selwyn Lloyd, the now famous disorderly behaviour of MPs during PMQs first arose as a result of the personal animosity between Harold Wilson and Edward Heath; before this PMQs had been lively but comparatively civilised.


Maybe that’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene will be remembered for. The Congresswoman who introduced cage fighting to the SOTU. In that dystopian future, in a dark chamber lit by torchlight, they’ll eat the raw human flesh of their defeated opponents and shout her name in praise. Probably.

In the meantime her behavior warrants censure. Don’t hold your breath waiting for… Kevin McCarthy (I keep forgetting his name) to punish her. He already gave her his balls. Actually, George Anthony Devolder Santos (who shouldn’t have been seated in congress since we don’t know his real name) has one of his balls. Marjorie Taylor Greene has the other one. So their both safe from punishment for the term of this Congress.

…and they wonder why we don’t hate Joe Biden, don’t take them seriously when they say we should hate Joe Biden with them. Why would we believe anything any of them say? The Republican brand is falsehood now. Corruption has become a Republican stock in trade. They stole the anarchist/libertarian mantra “government doesn’t work,” and then proceeded to make government work even worse than before they were in power (Everyone still remembers the CoVID plague, right? Trump pretending it wasn’t happening for a year? Glad we all still remember that) Same people, even crappier government.

Joe Biden said he’d run for President and the entire country screamed THANK GOD (even the atheists) and voted for him. Two years later, in the midst of the unavoidable post-plague inflation (seriously, there are no cars for sale at a reasonable price, anywhere) the country starts to have second thoughts about Joe Biden’s leadership and they let a few too many crazies into the House of Representatives again.

That forgettable guy (googling again) Kevin McCarthy, who doesn’t win the speakership on the first vote (because he can’t count) doesn’t win the speakership until fourteen votes later, after he’s cut off his own balls with a rusty knife and handed them out as souvenirs to the would-be Republican majority, finally gets to be Speaker of the House. In name only, apparently.

No one in his caucus pays any attention to him. He tells them all to be adults during the SOTU and they shout and chant and act like British MP’s (worse than spoiled children) …and Joe Biden loves it. He eats it up. This is his natural environment, being in the scrum of the legislature.

NPR Politics – Biden had a sick burn in his State of the Union speech. ‘Lots of luck’ explaining it – February 9, 2023

They basically hand Joe Biden a win without his even having to try hard. Which is the way this entire two years is going to go for What’s His Name and his non-majority in the House of Representatives. I hate to break it to you guys, but this isn’t going to end well for any of you no matter how 2024 turns out.

The only personal observation that I will make about Joe Biden’s SOTU speech is that I really missed Barack Obama by the end of it. There has never been a better speaker than him in the White House. Those were some sweet, sweet days. I’ll probably never see days that good again.

As for rebuttals, there has only been one President in my lifetime that was so incapable of making sense that he needed someone to come after him and correct his lies. That would be Donald Trump, and I avoided his bullshit like the toxic plague it was so didn’t need the redirect. Trump’s second-string press mouthpiece, the now Governor of Arkansas (bet you guys miss Bill Clinton now, don’t you?) Sarah Huckabee-Sanders didn’t do herself any favors trying to rain on Joe Biden’s parade. All Rubio did was awkwardly reach for water.

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