Lady Justice and Charlottesville Nazis

It will surprise you not at all to hear this comes up in almost every chapter, but some woman says “it just needed to be done” and I didn’t sit around workshopping it for three months, I just did it.

Dahlia Lithwick

Call me weird, but that put a lump in my throat.

Amicus – Listen to Lady Justice – SEPT 26, 2022

I went ahead and sprang for the book. I’ll get back to you on listening to the book through my podcast app. Not sure how I’m going to like that. As of December when I checked this entry and then archived it, I still haven’t gotten past chapter two of the book. It’s not that the book doesn’t hold my interest, it is that the chapters are listed as articles in my podcast app and I simply have too many other podcasts that I’m not listening to that I go to first instead of listening to the book. Won’t be doing this (buying a book to stream like a podcast) again.

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