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Poland announced it would send its jets to the U.S. air base at Ramstein, Germany. That caught U.S. officials off guard. Later in the day, the Pentagon issued a statement saying flying planes from a U.S./NATO base in Germany into contested airspace wouldn’t work.


So why can’t Ukrainian pilots just steal MIGs that Poland has conveniently anonymized? I mean, Putin would just leave Russian markings on his planes were the roles reversed, I’m not sure why we’re being so overly cautious with a guy who blatantly worked to alter our last three or four elections. He’s already declared war on us, he’s just as much as said so.

We need to start thinking like the kleptocrat that Vladimir Putin is, try to understand how a kleptocratic government would act before it acts, and then counter their avarice in advance. Clearly the intelligence agencies knew what Vladimir Putin was going to do next because their predictions came true. So what do they think we should do next? Can they think like a kleptocrat or do we need to put together a dirty tricks squad of our own just to figure what to do next?

Leave weapons just laying around for Ukrainians to steal from us? Would that work? “Hey, we didn’t give them anything, they stole it!” I mean, why not?

Russia is, after all, a country that stripped the markings from its soldiers’ uniforms in order to invade Ukraine while lying about it, and assassinated a defector in London by putting polonium in his tea. But cheating at sport and hacking e-mails to sway an American election are serious offences too.


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Folks, does anyone on this thread remember the word, “SAMs”, being introduced into our vocabulary? The acronym stood for Surface to Air Missiles. SAMs are being requested by Ukraine to hit Russian jets above 12,000 and flying just outside of Ukrainian air space. We, thus far, have refused Zelenskyy’s request because it would be “escalatory” (new code word for nuclear holocaust). SAMs were introduced to the world during the Vietnam war when Russia shipped them on a massive scale to North Vietnam, killing hundreds if not thousands of American jet pilots. The only thing they could not hit were the B52 bombers. We should not be here if Russia feared starting WWIII by giving North Vietnam every offensive weapon the Russians had at their disposal. Why are we here? Because Russia knew then and they know now that we are vastly more afraid of them than they are of us. They knew there was zero chance of starting WWIII when they shipped thousands of SAMs to North Vietnam. We should know that now but 70 years of propaganda has us as afraid of a nuclear exchange as my teachers were in 1952.

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…and yet the Vietnam war somehow remained a war between the US and Vietnam. That’s all I’m still saying (23 weeks later) We can’t run this war. Ukraine has to. We can give them the money, we can give them the arms, we can destroy Russian vessels that try to destroy our vessels and not call it war with Russia. Can we be subtle enough to pull that off? That would be a first for us.

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