Matrix Resurrected

The second movie that I was willing to risk my life for (year 0, A.C. After COVID) was this one:

The Matrix Resurrections – Sep 9, 2021

The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

I have seen all the previous Matrix movies many, many times:

I love them. I have them and the Animatrix on DVD on my shelf with the other old movies that I want to be able to rewatch again and again. There is little to say about this movie that won’t be a spoiler for the movie itself. I liked it. I felt like the ending of the original three films was a little too pat, the sacrifice of the two main characters at the end of the last movie a little too predictable.

That is what this movie is about. It’s great. Go see it. I’ll be buying this one as soon as it is available for purchase, to go alongside the other installments in the series.

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