TrumpConLaw 43-45

TrumpConLawThe Trump SCOTUS Term EP. 43 – 07.31.20

TrumpConLawThe Hatch Act and The Election EP. 44 – 08.28.20

TrumpConLawSCOTUS without RBG EP. 45 – 09.25.20

If you think #MAGA means anything other than Misguided Appallingly Gullible Americans, you are the person these tweets were written for.

Editor’s Note

The destruction of political, legal and constitutional norms that is the Trump presidency almost defies description. The SCOTUS has a right to be cowardly when faced with a president like Trump. Much like Andrew Jackson, Trump wouldn’t even acknowledge a ruling by the court because he wouldn’t understand what his willingness to defy the court would mean when the next president came along.

Trump’s willingness to defy the Hatch act, his outright intention to ignore it by destaffing the office and leaving it empty for his term. He knew exactly what he was planning to do in 2016 and he didn’t want anyone getting in his way with legal arguments that he wouldn’t accept.

As for the third episode, I wrote articles about RBG and Roe. Hell, I rewrote the article about Roe three times before I finally got it right.

The article about RBG is more personal.

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on what the loss of RBG meant, the thing I am left with is that the woman who had to have an abortion when we both were teenagers only had one immediate observation about the article,

How dare you call our President the Orange Hate-Monkey!

So I took out the reference, and started the process of genericising the references to Trump in all the other MAGA-tagged articles. If I want his supporters to read them, I can’t be turning them off by labeling a spade a spade. They’ll still be here needing educating long after Trump is gone.

When pressed she seemed completely unaffected by the death and didn’t think RBG did anything that warranted my being upset at about her dying. She has been trying to adopt an anti-abortion stance for at least a decade now, because she thinks that is the morally right thing to do. I don’t think she understands what that makes of her life now.

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