The IUPAC name for water is, actually, water. The alternative name is oxidane. The name oxidane is only used in chemistry as the mononuclear parent hydride to name derivatives of water.

Thoughtco (wiktionary)

Personally I prefer hydroxide myself. Dihydrogen monoxide (Wikipedia) is just too much of a mouthful. If you have a phobia for chemicals, think to yourself every time you have a glass of water “this is some tasty oxidane.” You’ll eventually quit gagging when you do it.


The government distributed version of this product has been demonstrated to cause stomach upset in this household (I ran the test myself) so we get ours bottled. Hoping to find a cheap filtering system at some point so we can produce our own homegrown version of oxidane/hydroxide/water.


Featured image from the DHMO petition on change.org

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