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Set Julian Assange free. He is a hero. Not a criminal.
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When someone reveals the atrocities committed by governments around the world and especially that of the US government, that person is a hero; not a criminal.
This video might be a little skewed being that it’s from RT, but it’s worth watching for entertainment value if nothing else:
Do you think there is any truth to the sexual assault rape accusations? Or are the women being paid a large some to smear Assange’s name?
Why would the CEO and founder of Wikileaks risk tarnishing his name by committing such acts?


I feel compelled to respond to this bit of agitation on the part of Julian Assange because I am tagged in it. As is typical for me I will do so with a link to a podcast that voices an opinion similar to mine:

On the Media – Wake Up, Sheeple! – April 12, 2019

Who wants him? His enforced isolation is self-inflicted punishment.

I don’t think much of Julian Assange. I think less of him today than I did a decade ago and more when he burst upon the scene with stolen video footage that misrepresented what it purported to show. I didn’t like him. I still don’t like him or think he or wikileaks serves any bettering purpose in the world (we all should hope to leave the world better than we came into it. Most of us living today are likely to fail at this task) Jail time may be what he deserves. I’ll leave it to the courts to decide.

How many times has Assange revealed crimes committed by Vladimir Putin? How many whistleblowers has he helped in countries that weren’t aligned with NATO? There is some serious hatred for America present in everything he does, the kind of vitriol that sounds forced given the state of the world today. Obama was too easy on Putin, given what has happened since President Obama left office. Clearly we need technical counter-insurgency programs of our own. Let’s see how well Muscovites fair through a winter without electricity. They can have their power back when they get rid of Putin and return the Crimea to Ukraine.

…I mean, if Donald Trump can miraculously turn off all the power in Venezuela at the snap of a finger, surely one city in a country that has attacked us in the past would be a piece of cake. Except, of course, like Julian Assange, Donald Trump loves him some Vladimir Putin.  

People who defend Assange always point to the continuing military adventurism engaged in by the US government as proof that the US government is evil and has to be brought down. The people who voted for Trump voted to bring down the US government:

Wikileaks is aimed almost exclusively at the US. Assange’s working with Russia makes him an active threat. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden deserve to be protected, but have to go outside of channels to do what they see as the right thing. Look at what happened to the whistleblower that tried to point out Trump’s quid pro quo with Ukraine. That is what happens to whistleblowers everywhere. This isn’t a US thing, this is a nature-of-power thing. Russia is the country that kills defectors. Specifically, Vladimir Putin kills defectors. It is his preferred terror tactic, liberally applied to keep his own people in line. The US hasn’t made a reputation for doing this. Perhaps Donald Trump will change this?

The Trump whistleblower will be outed, eventually. If Trump is not removed from office and jailed for his crimes, then the whistleblower will end up in jail for daring to speak truth to power. Who would have believed Edward Snowden back in 2013? No one. He tested the possibility of going the whistleblower route, and discovered that he would have ended up in prison. So he did the only other thing he could do. I’m not generally inclined to call a spy a hero, but if there is such a thing, Edward Snowden comes pretty close. So does the Trump whistleblower. The real question is, why do they have to spend thousands of dollars that they probably don’t have in order to do the right thing, risking jail and death just to do it? That is the question.

We are so close to losing this country to fascism now. So close. If people do not come out in force for whoever the Democrats offer up for election in 2020, we will lose this country.

…and I will not hang around to watch it burn.

Assange deserves to be brought down for his crimes. Maybe not jail time but he should be kept offline. His self-imposed isolation, evading capture for crimes he has legitimately been accused of in other countries, that has a health price. I don’t doubt that he is ill now. However, you will not inspire me to feel sympathy for him.

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It is a statement of just how much beneath notice that Julian Assange is in my mind that this is the only article on the blog that mentions his name. That is how little I think of the man. A gnat that believes himself an elephant, much like the president he helped to elect with his conspiracy mongering and his alliance with Russia and its dictator, Vladimir Putin. That his days in existence are coming to an end is the justifiable outcome of his activities over the past twenty years. Reap the whirlwind, Mr. Assange.


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